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Couleur Voyage - Sport - 2019 Rugby Wolrd Cup in Japan - Travel

The words ‘Couleur’ and ‘Rugby’ have become inseparable over time, and for good reason… Indeed, with no less than 20 years of experience, including 5 World Cups, in 3 of which we were Official Travel Agency, Couleur Rugby has established itself as the World Leader for Rugby-events tourism and travel.

This unequaled expertise makes Couleur Rugby your privileged Tour-Operator in charge of organising your unforgettable experience in the Land of the Rising Sun. If we were to sum up our experience, the best illustration would be to look back at the history of the RWCs and the involvement of Couleur Rugby.



United Kingdom & France

6,000 clients

Our first event acting as Official Travel Agency and our entry into the Rugby Traveler’s arena. A justified confidence which followed qualitative success in the Five Nations Tournament.




400 clients

Our first time venturing to the Antipodes, to allow French supporters to attend a World Cup in the Southern Hemisphere, with primarily luxury vacation options. This tournament marked the start of the “exportation of our expertise”; successfully managing vacations in new contexts.




23,000 clients

A dizzying volume of travelers for this World Cup at home, with massive-scale supervision of rugby supporters coming from the 4 corners of the Globe, especially Ireland, Australia, etc. This year was marked by the “yellow jersey” which Couleur had dreamed of by being officially named No. 1 Official Travel Agency in the world for events-based travel



New Zealand

3,200 clients

Proudly represented by our Grand Class Ambassador, Jonah LOMU, Couleur proposed a variety of tourist packages for all budgets, which included over 300 campervans in a semi-independent convoy to discover the Māori lands. A varied services quality range to satisfy all types of budgets. After the “bay leads” in 2007, it was the first overseas project launched by Couleur, and no less than 24,000 kilometres from the hexagon, in the home of the unbeatable New Zealand rugby team.




17,000 clients

The last to-date and certainly the Grand Cru of Couleur’s history with no less than 7,000 participants on just the opening weekend! It was the year of our Rugby Wine Club launch with Lionel Nallet & Sébastien Chabal. It was also the year of Couleur’s “hat trick”, as it won its third medal for No. 1 Official Travel Agency in the World.


These encounters at the height of International Rugby unquestionably show the expertise that Couleur brings to the rugby pitch – but this is merely complementary to the frequent European and Worldwide events, such as the RBS 6 Nations, the HSBC International Sevens, the Champions & Challenge Cup or even the TOP 14, in which Couleur has constant involvement.

But if Couleur rhymes with Rugby, one has to know of its notoriety in the “round ball” universe too. Our Rugby World Cup experience has also been reinforced by our involvement in the FIFA World Cups of 2002 and 2014, without forgetting once again the annual European tournaments, such as the Champions league, the Premier League, the A Series and even the Bundesliga.

You will have all understood, that Couleur is simply THE specialist in France when it comes to sports-events travel and tourism, officially approved by the FFR, the FFF, the LNR, the FFT, the FFIH, etc. who have entrusted us with unmatched confidence seen through the numerous official agreements each year.

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